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Dec 9, 2011 At least for SD we broadcast 50i, equivalent timecode 25fps. TV-Shoots in HD are usually shot in 25p. Cinema is sometimes.Yes, 150° is to be used for 60Hz HMI at 25fps: (1/25 s. x 150/360 = 1/60 s.) 144° is used to shoot NTSC CRT screens at 24fps: (1/24 s. x 144/360.On 24.00fps film projects, sometimes, some scenes may be shot at 25fps. In a 24p PAL project, any and all picture is captured at 50i, and the Avid will always.Apr 10, 2016 Frame rate is measured in frames per second; “fps.” If your project/sequence is 25 fps, then the shortest duration you can display an image.But in industry, people are doing at 25 FPS. I am confused as i dont know which is right. I am talking about general Frame Rate. Which is the .

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